What is BeNeSoil?

BeNeSoil is Midwest Companies’ proprietary blend of fertilizer soil amendment created for small and large scale farmers and landscape suppliers. Our OMRI and USCC certified amendment can dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing crop yield. Our product is a complete nutrient package and it is designed to create healthy soil composition and hold moisture within the soil. Using BeNeSoil will help you rebuild, restore, and preserve soil tilth, texture, compaction, nutrients, and organic matter. Improving soil health now will help you manage future production capacity and you’ll continue to see a profitable harvest in the future.

Benefits of BeNeSoil

BeNeSoil has a unique balance of nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). These three macro-nutrients are critical when if are trying to improve your soil health and increase crop yield, but what do they do?
  • Nitrogen (N) helps improve the growth of leaves on a plant.
  • Phosphorus (P) plays a big part in flower and fruit development because it effects strong root growth.
  • Potassium (K)  triggers enzymes in various plants and enhances the protein content of plants, resulting in better production
Whether you’re looking for a fertilizer and soil amendment to improve row crops, orchards, or large scale landscaping and garden beds, our proprietary 28-9-19 NPK blend is great for leafy vegetables, blooming flowers, and many other types of plants.

Two common challenges that conventional and organic farmers frequently face is drought and heavy rainfall. Recovering from both environmental factors require a product that improves water retention and the water infiltration rate. BeNeSoil has added gypsum which helps reduce surface water run-off by capturing and retaining water, making it available when your plants need it most. When your soil does not hold moisture properly, valuable phosphorus and nitrogen runs off into the water table and away from your plants. The N-P-K and calcium in BeNeSoil are key components to increasing microbial activity after a drought. The gypsum in our soil fertilizer also helps break down compacted soil, so nutrients that could run off during heavy rain will penetrate and remain in the soil and support the plants.

Midwest Companies offers transportation and spreading services to customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We own two bunning spreaders with high volume capacity, allowing your job to be completed fast!  Our services also include delivery and precision spreading of BeNeSoil lime, gypsum, manure, dry fertilizer, and biosolids.


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