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Derived from lawn waste, leaves, and food waste

Organic compost helps support both crop performance and soil life by releasing nutrients throughout the growing season.

Screened at 3/8″ to remove rocks and clumps our organic compost is cheaper and more nutritious than standard mulch.


  • OMRI listed compost
  • Natural source of plant nutrients and organic matter
  • Compost helps support both crop performance and soil life
  • Releases nutrients throughout the growing season
  • Does not compromise soil aeration and water infiltration
  • OMRI listed under Green Organics – GO Compost
  • Screened at 3/8 Inch to remove rocks and clumps
  • Used as a bulking fertilizer with pulverized topsoil
  • Cheaper and more nutritious than mulch


Mulch Products

Our materials can be found in Chicago and Rockford Park districts, Chicago and Rockford public Schools and many of the major park districts in the greater Chicago area.

  • We offer hardwood mulch, colored mulch, and compost
  • Improve moisture drainage
  • We deliver quality and value, plus on time delivery!
  • Deliver large volume only, of 35 yards and greater
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