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U.S. Compost Council STA & OMRI Certified Compost Supplier

Midwest Companies provides comprehensive industrial waste recycling services and supports Illinois agriculture and crops by creating organic compost from waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. Creating organic compost is an industrial waste solution that begins at our very own waste transfer facility.

Our organic compost is derived from “green” waste including grass, leaves, and food waste. Farmers and landscapers love our proprietary agricultural compost blend because it effectively rebuilds, restores, adds nutrients, organic matter and natural nitrogen to the soil.

To further help small and large scale farmers and landscape suppliers manage production capacity and see a profitable harvest, Midwest Companies created a proprietary blend of fertilizer soil amendment. BeNeSoil contains a unique balance of three macro-nutrients proven to improve the health of your soil during drought or heavy rainfall.

Need help spreading our organic compost, bio-solids, soil amendments, or gypsum? We offer custom spreading services  in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Organic Compost for Sale

We offer high-quality compost delivered to your site.

  • Organic Compost: provides drought protection and increases microbial activity to support crop production and performance throughout the growing season.
  • Ground Gypsum: a popular soil amendment for farmers who wish to reduce the effects of soil corrosion and maintain a healthy level of soil moisture

Contact Midwest Companies online or call us at 847-426-6354 to request a quote on products and services.

Midwest Companies’ Organic Product Features

  • Fast Application Rate
  • Earthlike aroma
  • OMRI certified for organic farming and a superior alternative to chemical fertilizers.
  • It’s an Excellent source of slow-release nitrogen, even more that it’s available all year.
  • Our organic compost is screened at 3/8″ to remove rocks and clumps.
  • LEED – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
  • 100% Recycled Product, produced locally and is a rapidly renewable resource.

Benefits of Organic Compost

  • Stimulates soil health and improves crop production.
  • Maintains food for beneficial microbes to assure the proper decomposition of crop residue.
  • Provides organic matter, which is the governor of moisture for the soil.
  • Water efficiency because organic matter holds five (5) times its weight in water.
  • Plants are then less stressed from the heat and drought during times of extreme temperatures.
  • Increasing organic matter will improve soil tilth, making it more productive and easier to work into the soil.
  • Compost will loosen clay soils allowing better root penetration, improved air & water movement which means better nutrient availability for crops.

Approved Compost Supplier and Certifications

We use our expertise in multi-material disposal and recycling to create and deliver premium compost and mulch products to landscapers, farmers, and agricultural suppliers.

  • U.S. Composting Council (USCC)  Seal of Testing Assurance (STA)
  • Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) certified for use in organic food production
  • Approved supplier for Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for road and bridge construction use (IDOT Producer / Supplier Number is 7122-01)


Midwest Companies’ Client Testimonials

“Do not hesitate to go here fro your organic compost needs! Will update review after I see results, but the Manager, Louie, was one of the most genuine people I’ve talked to at a business in awhile. I called about compost, and we ended up having a long conversation about sustainable agriculture practices and why conventional farming is destroying our land. This place smelled amazing, like Earth, and Nature, and the smell of organic material decomposing is wonderful when you begin to understand and work with, not against nature. We pulled right into the yard, they were turning the compost, and no one was gagging. We were all appreciating the hard work going into moving all the composted material around. Do not hesitate to do business with this respectable company! Loui even followed up with me to make sure everything went smooth with picking it up.” Michael Stahulak

“The compost is a clean material that is consistent and easy to spread with my manure spreader. I feel it is a great input to use as part of my Nutrient Management Plan. It is the least expensive input available to me , and I have recommended Midwest Material Management’s compost to other farmers.” Matt Busse – Busse Farms, Waterman IL.

“I had compost spread on top of a hill on my field that was lacking soil nutrients, and the crop was not growing well. The following year, there was a significant increase in my soybean yield, the beans were all the way up the stalk and the beans were taller. The compost works very well conditioning the soil along with its added benefits to the crop. I plan to spread compost on the remaining part of my field.” Dan Schultz – Bristol, IL.

Facts & Benefits: Resource conservation

Applying just 2″ of compost in lieu of the traditional 6″ of topsoil, which is typically of unknown origin and quality, reduces project material cost by up to 2/3! The compost will provide additional benefits as mentioned earlier on this page, that some commercial topsoil just cannot offer.

Midwest Companies Compost Delivery Truck in Illinois.
  • U.S. Compost Council – STA certified compost

  • Improves moisture retention

  • OMRI listed compost
  • Natural source of plant nutrients and organic matter
  • Compost helps support both crop performance and soil life
  • We deliver quality and value, plus on time delivery!
  • Deliver large volume only, of 35 yards and greater
  • Releases nutrients throughout the growing season
  • Does not compromise soil aeration and water infiltration
  • OMRI listed under Green Organics – GO Compost
  • Screened at 3/8 Inch to remove rocks and clumps
  • Used as a bulking fertilizer with pulverized topsoil
  • Cheaper and more nutritious than mulch