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Custom Precision Spreading in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa

Midwest Companies’ Material Management provides manure and compost spreading for farms in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Our employees are trained to operate our Bunning spreaders and high volume equipment. Our organic compost and mulch products  are certified by Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic food production.

GPS Precision Spreading

Using harvesting yield history and GPS mapping technology, our Precision Spreading services provides accurate calculations regarding how much manure or compost material needs to be applied to specific areas of your farm. There are many factors that affect yield including ground height and the soil’s ability to hold moisture, with GPS Precision Spreading, we gain important knowledge about your field and we can distribute more or less compost to specific spots and quickly spread compost materials with reduced soil compaction.

Contact Midwest Companies online or call us at 847-426-6354 to learn more about agricultural consultation services and Precision Spreading services.

Organic Compost Products for Sale

Midwest Companies provides recyclable material management services at our waste transfer facility. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive, full-circle operation that diverts material waste away from landfills by collecting industrial and organic waste materials, transporting and recycling to producing manufactured waste products to sell back to the agricultural suppliers and farmers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We sell organic compost, mulch ground gypsum, or stone made from organic materials and BeNeSoil, our OMRI certified, proprietary soil amendment containing a unique blend of three macro-nutrients. Our products are made for small and large scale farmers and landscape suppliers who want to improve soil health, increase crop yield, and reduce costs.

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  • Lime
  • Dry Manure
  • Compost
  • Dry Fertilizer
  • Sewage Sludge
  • Ground Gypsum
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