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Contributing to the Industrial Waste Solution in Illinois

Midwest Companies’ waste transfer facility is critical to the industrial waste solution in Illinois. We specialize in multi-material recycling services to reduce landfill costs by repurposing and recovering usable waste materials. Call Midwest Companies at 847-426-6354 to learn more about our goals to reduce landfill costs and how to purchase our manufactured waste products.


All materials that we collect from the construction, demolition, and landscape industry arrive at our waste transfer facility in Dundee, IL.

We handle building material disposal and sort materials such as wood, concrete, environmental waste and metal.

We recycle industrial and landscape waste, from shingles and concrete to lumber, crates and pallets. We reuse reclaimed material to produce products; for example, wood recycling is an environmentally friendly way to reuse demolition waste such as crates, pallets, lumber, and beams.

Using a clean wood recycling process we create mulch and wood chips. Shingles and other building material waste are ground and manufactured into ground shingles, ground gypsum and ground stone.

Industrial Waste Services

With more than 30 years’ experience and a top-quality reputation with contractors and local residents alike, you can be assured that our products and services are top-notch. We provide waste containers, professional fleet services, and quality manufactured waste products to help your business collect, transport, and reuse recyclable industrial waste.

Request more information about our waste and recycling management services, including:

  1. Roll-off dumpsters and construction containers. Properly contain industrial, demolition, and environmental waste materials. Our containers are designed and sized to suit your collection needs.
  2. Bulk Waste Transportation Services. When it’s time to dispose of all the waste collected we provide transportation services, including pup trailers to safely transport concrete, heavy metal, and organic landscape waste removal.
  3. Waste Manufactured Products. We recycle reusable waste materials and produce new products to send back into the market for landscapers, landscape suppliers, contractors, and families to purchase.


We are committed to delivering your roll-off box within 24 hours of your order. Ask about lower rates for multiple containers.

What Can Midwest Companies Do For You?

  • Targeted containers, based on collection requirements
  • 20 & 30 yard containers to ensure proper containment
  • Specially designed for bulk demolition and roofing projects
  • Pup trailers for safely hauling heavy loads
  • Plus we offer lower rates on multiple containers

  • Specialize in clean construction demolition waste
  • Diverting materials from landfills

  • We reuse reclaimed materials to produce new products
  • Recycling wood, concrete, metal, paper and landscape waste

  • Sorting of the material
  • Grinding of material
  • Reusing and recycling material
  • LEADS program Lead Certified
  • Diverts waste from landfill
  • Roll-off service