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Strategic collection, destruction & recycling services for railroad ties.

Midwest Companies’ sister company TiEnergy provides point of service removal of discarded railroad cross ties as environmentally consistent biomass material to co-generation incineration plants located strategically throughout the extended Midwest. We provide mobile railroad tie grinding services as well as transportation and trucking for industrial waste by diverting recyclable materials. Our joint venture with Ties2 has positioned us as the premier railroad tie recycling program in the nation and expanded our capabilities.  Our biomass fuel material can be shipped to different regions of the United States and internationally.

Midwest Companies has also trademarked a unique, waste derived moisture absorbing aggregate for landfills. TIEROC is an alternative to rock and stone, with a number of environmental and cost-effective benefits. We do not discard cross ties containing creosote materials into landfills which ensures no leaching of chemicals into ground water.

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Grinding Railroad Ties

Our mobile grinding service can operate anywhere in North America.

We have the industry’s largest and most powerful grinding equipment and our own mobile fleet, we can handle any job, large or small, in any area of the country. With more than 30 years of railroad tie grinding experience, we have developed an expertise in efficient job management and, most importantly, safety.

Additional Grinding Services

In addition to railroad ties, TiEnergy and Midwest Companies can destruct and recycle a variety of wood products

Large quantities of wood and/or forestry
Construction crane mats
Bridge timbers
Utility poles

Call us at 847-426-6354 to learn how Midwest Companies and TiEnergy can help you dispose of railroad ties and purchase organic materials industrial use.

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Mobile railroad tie grinding equipment outside of Chicago, IL

Benefits of mobile railroad tie grinding:

  • Less geographically bound
  • Access to incineration and transportation in Midwest
  • Environmentally certified

Railroads we help with cross tie management:

  • BNSF Railway
  • Union Pacific Railroad
  • Dakota, Minnesota, and Eastern Railroad
  • Great Lakes Central Railroad
  • Metra

  • Twin Cities Railroad

  • Western Railway

  • Canadian National Railway

  • Canadian Pacific Railroad

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