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One-Stop Shop for Industrial Recycling

Since 1988, Midwest Integrated Companies has been in the business of recycling material waste from construction and demolition industries. Our goal is to keep material waste out of our nation’s landfills and our communities clean!

Processing & Transportation Waste Services

Our core expertise involves multi-material disposal needs, such as recyclables and landscape waste disposals. Our construction and demolition recycling facility diverts materials from landfills. We find reuses for many of the debris materials that businesses generate, avoiding costly landfill and transportation fees.

We provide both roll-off dumpster rental and waste material transport services. We are the one stop shop for many of our client’s landscaping and recycling needs.

Products for Illinois Agriculture

Midwest Companies delivers high-quality products to commercial farmers and landscapers in Greater Chicago, IL. We recycle industrial, commercial, and agricultural waste and creates mulch, compost, and Biomass for Co-generation plants. Our compost can be used as a stand-alone organic soil amendment or blended with other fertilizer ingredients to support healthy plant growth. Ask us about our proprietary blend of fertilizer soil amendment – BeNeSoil. Looking for someone to spread compost on your farm? We offer GPS precision spreading services.

Railroad Tie Recycling

We provide point-of-service removal of discarded cross ties with environmentally consistent disposal of materials at co-generation incineration plants located strategically throughout the extended Midwest.