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Railroad Ties & Treated Lumber Recycling

Midwest Companies has the largest and most powerful wood grinding equipment in the wood waste disposal and recycling industry. Our on-site wood grinding service can operate anywhere in the United States and offers you an environmentally conscious solution for industrial wood waste and treated lumber disposal.

Midwest Companies has an active, mobile fleet of trucks that can handle large and small wood waste grinding  requests in any area of the United States. With more than 30 years of railroad tie disposal and wood waste recycling experience, we have developed an expertise in efficient project management and, most importantly, safety.

Recycled Wood Waste Products

Once we’ve grinded industrial wood waste at our C&D processing waste facility, Midwest safely uses the disposed wood to create a variety of valuable wood fiber products. Often times grinded railroad ties can be recycled and used as biomass feedstock for cogeneration power plant fuel. In an effort to create healthier landfills, reduce industrial waste disposal costs, and improve sustainable recycling, Midwest Companies has trademarked a unique moisture absorbing aggregate, TIEROC, an sustainable alternative to control leachate pollutants.

Call us at 847-426-6354 to learn how Midwest Companies’ mobile wood waste grinding services and TiEnergy’s partnerships with cogeneration incineration plants, can help you dispose of used railroad ties, C&D waste products, and the other industrial timber waste and purchase organic materials for industrial use.

Benefits of On-Site Railroad Tie & Industrial Wood Waste Grinding

    • Sustainable
    • Less Geographically Bound
    • Access to Incineration and Transportation in Midwest
    • Environmentally Safe

Types of Industrial Wood Waste

Midwest Companies and TiEnergy can destruct, grind, recycle, and properly dispose of a variety of creosote and pentachlorophenol treated wood and industrial wood debris. Types of wood products that we commonly grind and dispose of include:

    • Railroad Ties
    • Construction Crane Mats
    • Demolition Scrap Wood
    • Land Clearing Debris (Large quantities of wood and/or forestry)
    • Bridge Timbers
    • Utility Poles
    • Wooden Pallets, Crates, and Industrial Packaging

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