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Our goal at Midwest Companies is to manage industrial waste by diverting recyclable materials and producing valuable organic products and resources that resolve landfill challenges and create healthier landfills and cleaner air quality in Illinois and the Midwest.

TIEROC (registered trademark pending) is a waste derived moisture absorber that effectively assists in landfill gas management and control of leachate pollution. An alternative to rock and stone, individuals responsible for landfill design, waste management operational practices, and leachate collection systems choose TIEROC for its many environmental benefits.

Key Benefits of TIEROC

TIEROC is a consistent sized ground-up wood material recycled from railroad ties and construction debris. As a leader in railroad tie disposal and mobile grinding, Midwest Companies has developed an environmentally conscious way to repurpose the wood waste and trademark a cost-effective material to compliment landfill leachate collection systems and assist with hydrogen sulfide gas treatment plans by reducing the sulfur content  in landfills.
We grind up expired railroad ties & wood into 6″ +/- material and we remove the metal to create a rock or stone alternative that can be used around trailer tippers and for road building. Some of the key benefits include:

Many landfills and solid waste service companies (Advanced Disposal, Waste Connections, Republic Services & Waste Management) prefer TIEROC to rock or stone because it absorbs moisture and water.

Rock and stone materials create dust and spread dirt and mud across paved surfaces. Trucks often sink into the mud, which is tough on tires and resulting in increased operation costs. Depending on surface conditions the TIEROC material can be spread 6” to 12” thick by the trailer tippers. TIEROC is made of wood so it produces less dust and virtually no mud which means the maintenance of those paved surfaces – using water and sweeper vehicles is lessened. And the more traffic that is driven across TIEROC – the stronger it becomes – creating a less corrosive environment for vehicles and limiting damage to expensive operating equipment.

Landfills are required to cover municipal solid waste to control odor, fire, blowing debris, and sulfer gas emissions. TIEROC is an economical recycled material that can be used as an alternative daily cover (ADC) or for solidification.

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TIEROC Cost Analysis

Our TIEROC customers save money on transportation and material cost. The TIEROC material consists of 3″-5″ wood chips and ground wood waste at this size will yield approximately 5 yards per ton and can be delivered in 100-yard trailers.

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