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TIEROC is an engineered aggregate substitute predominately consisting of shredded railroad ties and post-consumer wood waste. The engineered sizing of this product establishes a permeable and consistent road base that allows for efficient maneuverability within the landfill. This translates into productive turnaround times allowing more tons per hour into the facility.

When the material has reached its lifecycle it will now recover benefits for the landfill with long term, consistent gas production. This gas production, significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Key Benefits of TIEROC

Many landfills and solid waste service companies (Advanced Disposal, Waste Connections, Republic Services & Waste Management) prefer TIEROC over rock / stone because of the cost savings.

Rock and stone materials create dust, spread dirt and mud across paved surfaces. Trucks often sink into the mud, which is tough on tires and resulting in increased operation costs. Depending on surface conditions the TIEROC material can be spread 6” to 12” thick by the trailer tippers and work space. TIEROC is made of wood so it produces less dust and virtually less mud – which means the maintenance of those paved surfaces – using water and sweeper vehicles is reduced. And the more traffic that is driven across TIEROC – the stronger it becomes – creating a less corrosive environment for vehicles and limiting damage to expensive operating equipment.

Landfills are required to cover municipal solid waste to control odor, fire, blowing debris, and sulfer gas emissions. TIEROC is an economical recycled material that can be used as an alternative daily cover (ADC) or for solidification.

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TIEROC Cost Analysis

Our TIEROC customers save money on transportation and material cost. The material consists of 12″ minus ground-up wood & railroad ties and at this size will yield approximately 6-yards per ton and can be delivered in 125-yard trailers.

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