Demolition & Construction Waste Management

Midwest Companies is a trusted waste material trucking company that provides transportation of non-hazardous bulk Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), all types of recyclables, construction and demolition debris, landscape waste (leaves, brush, grass), and railroad ties. Partnering with Midwest Transfer & Logistics, your one-stop trucking contractor, will help you build a program that will ensure successful operations.
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Which Truck Service is Right for You?

Midwest Companies has an active fleet of 25 trucks, semi-hualers, and roll-off dumpsters. We have transported in excess of one million tons of construction and demolition waste material through our system. We have the capacity to handle jobs, big and small. We have worked with facilities handing up to 2,000 tons of waste material per day and transported it to several landfills and from many Transfer Stations in the Midwest. Contact us and let us know the type of non-hazardous waste you need to dispose of, and Midwest Transfer & Logistics will help you select the proper container, truck, or semi-hauling service that will match your needs.

For smaller jobs residential, commercial and industrial customers waste & debris:

  • 20 cubic yards
  • 30 cubic yards
  • 40 cubic yard compactor containers
For those large jobs containing municipal solid waste, recycling, debris from construction and agricultural sites:

  • 55 cubic yard end dump trailers
  • 125 cubic yard walking floor trailers
  • 125 cubic yard tipper trailers
  • 155 cubic yard tipper trailers
Transport heavy equipment like excavators, dozers, or compactors, from one construction site to another, with easy load and unload lowboy trailers.
Midwest Transfer & Logistics works closely with TiEnergy to collect railroad ties and transfer non-hazardous biomass wood to cogeneration incineration plans located throughout the Midwest.

Construction Waste & Demolition Material Recycling

Our core expertise involves disposal and recycling of construction and demolition materials to reduce landfill usage and contribute to the industrial waste solution in Illinois. Midwest Companies operates several repair and staging yards in the Midwest. Our own waste transfer station in Dundee, IL is an essential part of the waste collection, sorting, grinding, recycling, and creation of waste manufactured products.


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Reserve a roll-off dumpster, compactor, or industrial construction waste container today. Midwest Companies can strives to deliver trash container rentals in 24-hours.

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  • End dumping
  • Bombers
  • Roll off
  • Walking floor
  • Tipping
  • Demolition trailers
  • Compost trailers
  • Gravel trailers
  • Railroad tie trailers
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