Sustainable Waste Management Services

Midwest Companies provides material management services in Chicago’s Western suburbs and throughout the US. Whether your project requires industrial waste removal, recycling services, railroad tie remediation, heavy hauling, or other construction and demolition material services, we serve you with experienced, eco-friendly solutions.

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Who We Are

Since 1988, Midwest Companies has been in the business of collecting and recycling material waste from construction and demolition industries and Class One railroad companies in Illinois.

Our strategic sustainability services help your company reduce negative environmental impact and turn recycled C&D waste into new products and local resources. Together, we keep material waste out of our nation’s landfills and keep our Illinois communities clean.

What We Do

Midwest Companies’ waste management services were created with one goal in mind: to help reduce the amount of waste flowing into landfills. Move towards a sustainable future with our suite of disposal and recycling services.

Sustainable Waste Solutions

Our waste management and recycling services were created with the ultimate goal of giving back, so we take your waste and create compost and TIEROC products entirely from recycled waste at our very own recycling facility.

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We Help You Manage Commercial and Residential Waste & Recycling

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